Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was a bit active: did some Dol Amroth training, finishing deeds and grinding tokens (just why do I need them?).

Stormsong was a bit more active. Some dailies, finishing deeds. Some Dol Amroth quests are not touched, because they are hard (I mean Tarlags Crown and Paths of the dead). With Tarlags Crown – Kinship organized one run, but I had already done 4 out of 6 dailies. Had to skip 😦

Pelagir runs are running nice. I run them as soon as opportunity arises and there is someone who knows mechanic. Did “Pinned to the wall” for the first time. It was not so hard as I have imagined. Last time – I received 1 good supreme essence and Universal solvent in addition to most valuable stars of merit.

Helped power-levell one Warden. Just somebody’s alt, he needed to reach lvl.25 and thne he could adventure on his own. I tolds him i do not powerlevlel, but since there was no action – we ran Sambrog and Tuckoborough in turns. He reached lvl.25 quickly and then I saw how really awesome Warden was. Overpowered even at lvl.25, could probably tank entire Sambrog (unlike my champion or minstrel). However, Warden requires tons of combos which made this class hard for me.

One skirmish raid ended in – well, 1 Anfalas crystal, our leader told to roll (because she was set as Master Looter). Of course, I did not receive crystal, it is very naturally. Conclusion is very logic and very simple: do not roll anymore. Choose “pass”, because I won’t receive it anyway.

The bright side – finally replaced one lame legacy on my Minstrel book with one normal legacy and so my book is ready to be imbued. Now I just need scrolls of empowerement and 3 more Anfalas crystals.