Lord of the rings online

Once again – little time for online games (some problems in real life, after all). One Pelagir run with kinnie. He was a Guardian and told me he wanted to do Minstrel run. Well, that would be yelling-screaming at enemies and trying to survive cooldowns…

Well, he joined as mighty Guardian, he did quests, I nuked bosses. Everything was going pretty – every monster killed, every quest done, even catapults protected. Reward: gold, instead of platinium. Nobody knows why, but rewards were some 45 stars of merrit…and lvl.100 first age symbol. Quite nice, I would have two First age symbols in my vault now.

Of course, there was some bug, but it matters little. Pelagir runs finally have some sense to me. Since Anfalas crystal does not drop there – Pelagir is acceptable. It rewards with stars of merit in nice quantities. And finally, it may occasionally give some nice stuff (but only occasionally, one should not expect it).

And sos the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.