Lord of the rings online

Very short time to play. Pelagir run with kinnie, very very effective. Barricades, lots of traps and then – the final wave. Kinnie let me fire catapults, but I am still inefficient with this. I saw advancing Corsairs, fired…and nothing happened.

Anyway, catapults were defended and I received many merit stars, perhabs some 145 (plus one spammy essence and tome). Essence and tome are just trash, I don’t care – merit stars are good. We discussed this with another kinnie. For me, it’s very clear: if at one day I earn, say, 10 merit stars, then within 50 days I have a crystal. With RNG system it required almost half a year to get a crystal. Or to have tons of gold coins.

Update 17, I am waiting for you every single day…and while waiting, i need to master Pelagir’s catapults’ fire…