Guild wars 2

Moved to Kessex hills…and oops, right into lvl.23 territory while I am lvl.16 only. Would have to move to on-level ones, I guess…and somehowh grind Hero points. I need that Flesh golem if this is the only normal pet I can have.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran Pelagir with one nice kinnie. Everything went almost perfect: traps, quests, we earned platinium…though forgot to build barricades and lost few of them.

Kinnie’s lightining attacks were very impressive – they look good, they do great damage, almost like Sith in Star wars.

Loot – was nice too: some 45 stars of merit. That means, I have earned 1/10 of my future Anfalas crystal. Very good loot, I intend to run any easy Big battle every single day, thus grinding valuable merit stars.

Was glad to help kinnie with Cartographile deed: he just needed to use maps stored in my house (and adress of my house, of course).

One disappointment: somehow Lotro lagged. I earned 2 Great hall tokens, placed thewm in shared vault…they were not there (and I could not repeat DA daily instance that day). one map from my house has disappeared though it was there not long time ago. Weird.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.