Lord of the rings online

Almost no acticvity for me (kinship is somehow active on Sunken Labyrinth). Was waiting for some Pelagir runs, therefore missed 1 or 2 calls in World chat.

Participated in Vile Maw run: me, lvl.100 Warden and one Guardian. As usually – I asked if I was needed as dps or healer. Decided to go dps and we both tanked Mr. Vile Maw as long as possible. Guardian died first…and then Vile Maw turned his action against me. I used heals, I used potions, used protectyive bubble…only to die when VM was some 60.000 health low (out of ~900.000). Warden proved superior to Minstrel (but after all, Warden is tanking class…). Loot was interested, saw and passed Starlit crystal.

We are discussing Update 17 and what it would bring to us. For me, it is end of pain with cursed RNG. Grind enough merit stars and get your own Anfalas crystal for 500 merit stars. 500 – many? Maybe, but that’s just a few Big battle runs, way less time investment than current RNG system. RNG must go, once and for all – I wish Turbine heared that. Another topic – server closure, once again, no official data, just guessing.

And so the day has ended:a bit nervous and empty.