Guild wars 2

Finally, got some pets: needed to invest Hero points into “Minion training”…and, of course, lacking best one. Necromancer’s pets are inferior to Ranger’s: you just can’t command your own summoned pet. They are good as supportive units only, not main battle units (unlike Lotro’s Loremaster).

So far my Necro can summon either 2 zerg-types, or 1 ranged, or 1 wurm (non-movable, causes good damage,..but can’ty move). Best one is some Flesh golem (still can’t summon).

Lord of the rings online

Aided some players in School – one time even power-levelled. I am against power-levelling and told it to the player: he should know power-lvl. is bad, because one won’t know how to play his class. Player told me it was his alt and he knows how to play that class. Ok, we ran School, killing monsters and that was cool.

One time in (Sambrog?) I even managed to loot Anfalas crystal. Unbelievable success.

Also, stormed Vile Maw with group of other 2 players. Result was wipe: first, Vile Maw killed those two, then I could not heal and fight at the same time. Finally, I asked to leave this hopeless thing.

Went to Deepening Wall with Kinship. it was really chaotic, I forgot what to do there and most of the time just nuked enemies. Too many Rohirrim on the wall, enemies on the wall and us (on the wall: full raid). Fun thing: we managed to bug one big troll. Everyone placed as many traps as they could and poor troll went to such minefield. Result:troll formally was dead, in reality – stood as non-attackable thing. Overall, we won, result was good and I got valuable stars of merit + some Big battle trait points.

Conclusion: i still prefer not so chaotic Pelagir. A bit easier and more clear than this chaos.

And so weekend has ended – quite nice one in both games.