Guild wars 2

Somehow no play, perhabs wrong mood perhans something else.

Lord of thew rings online

Dol Amroth training (boring). Then was asked by one group to help them as healer: they wanted to run one Rowing Threat in Evendim and needed healer.

First try: RT just stood without moving. I attacked, ran, was killed, recoveredd…and soon battle was lost. A wipe. Second time our group – some 3 hunters and I – prepared a bit better. Enemy was really strong with two adds and powerfull attacks. Sometimes I was a bit lost of what to heal first, sometimes monster chased me (why me? I was non-combatant second time!). Finally, we were victorous, I received my own Gift givers band and a deed.

Blue line minstrel in blue stance is quite nice, just I need to practice it more. In normal fight, where I have priority taget for healing, it is easier. In fight where evereyone’s equally important, it is harder.

Overall – quite good day in Lotro.