Mmoblogg.wordpress.com was registred 3 years ago – an anniversary for the documentary of my adventures. Adventures mainly in Lotro with mix of Istaria and GW2.

Guild wars 2

My toon joined a Guild. Let us hope mit will be more friendly and I will finally find mt place there.

Started tailor as Asura…and it came out I already had 10-slot pack, so no need to craft 8-slotted ones. My Human ranger continues journey, killing stuff, depositing loot and preparing to be deleted. I’ll ask about Necromancer and maybe will start it soon.

Lord of the rings online

Dol Amroth dailies, long and boring. Levelling up legendary weapons, step by step, level by level, deconstructing after deconstructing. I ama not looting Minstrel LIs anymore: no need to do this, vault is full of LI runes.

Ran School of Tam Mirdain with one lvl.90 player:he was looking for specific earring. We ran untill he got all instances locked. Next time joined Halls of Crafating with several lvl.60s. Was kind of fun: I almost tanked (killed few times too). Lots of valuable LI runes in the loot, some gold too.

Folks in World were talking about how cool Champion was, how one could tank with Champion. I think it’s untrue, champion is spectacular, yet almost useless. Or maybe it is just my absence of any luck.

Today Lotro would be on a long downtime:guess, it’s time for GW2…