Guild wars 2

My Human Ranger has some problems with survavability. First of all, if I am ~5 lelvels lower, I am getting killed too easily. Second, i do not level up quickly enough.

Lord of the rings online

Ran few instances, inluding some Sambrogs. And yes, yesterday Anfalas crystal dropped. Of course, not for me. I bet if any 6-man instance had, say, 10 crystal drop, I would not get any. From now, I am stopping doing instances. If there is no luck for me – what’s the point of doing them, at least at lvl.100?

Sarnur troll slayer is going very slowly: too little trolls.  Even helping other players is not satisfying enough.

Returned to Dol Amroth and started doing dailies, same good old Swan Knights. At least I get reputation item which would be very handy when Update 17 show up.


And so my unlucky day in both games has ended.