Guild wars 2

Started Human ranger instead of Asura necromancer. Ranger is by all means superior: better armour, far more dps, cool raain of arrows attack…and, of course, single target attacks.

Personal story for Humans is very nice and, of course, it’s about treachery, law and loyalty. And it is not that bugged as Asura is.

I explored Metrica province, still have to explore my native town. Engaged in some egroup content, but since I cnanot communicate with other players – feeling like in superb single layer game. And missing socialization.

Overall – satisfied with the game. I am self-efficient (toon gets more copper than spends), I supply my main toon with crafting materials and I will supply main one with rare keys.

Lord of the rings online

…and my grumpy toon is back into some action. Helped one player with lvl.45 Erebor, tier 2 (failed challenge, but whwo cares at lvl.45?). Then, aided lvl.20 with 2 of 3 Great Barrow instances.

And then I discovered I still have to do Sarnur slayer deeds: dourhands, beasts, trolls. Many of them.  So – spent some time with kinnie slaying everything around. it was easy for me and maybe impressive for kinnie.

Since I am running (kind of) low on crafting materials – I need to grind everyb single of them to craft reputation items. God sees, I will really need tons of them to craft Scholars’ Guild reputation items. And that would mean: ride in Wildermore and some safe lands in Gondor in circles. [Explanation: I always must have a stack of 100 materials in my vault. If it’s below 100, it’s kind of low].

And we have update 17 coming…someday. New crafting tier (100.000 xp?), new crafting materials. The latter are the worst: Eastern Gondor and new territorires. We’ll have Minas Tirith, also Morgul crests could be dropped by warband (who cares?) and new cloaks from big battles (nobody cares too). In short: mfor me it means very risky harvesting for great many time.

And so weekend has ended, kind of good in both games.