Guild wars 2

Questing goes nice: I go from hub to hub, doing everything needed, discovering points of interest, fighting almost anything. Of course, it involves heroic deeds like repairing fence, activating equipment…

Exploring went bad: now I am stuck near points that are NOT accesible. Youtube won’t help: i saw another player trying to repeat it. Wiki won’t help. One completiontist site won’t help too. It’s just freaking impossible.

My Guild took little interest in me. Maybe – too little. Tried to talk about impossible vistas, no one asked anything, everyone was busy with the dungeons.

Result: I left Guild. Sorry,guys, you were kind to me, but I need a Guild where I would be more than statistic. Something like Family in Lotro.

At the bright side: I am really glad I am free player. Would hate to know I paid some $ to support impossible tasks. Dark side of f2p: you won’t be able to ask for help. No world chat, no whispers. Cold invites somehow are allowed, but I almost always refuse them in all games I play.

Lord of the rings online

No Kinship activity, did not take training (boring!). Helped done player with Misty mountains and Goblin Town. We just ran through town, killing everything. I even found one Bilbo’s button (one more to find).

And so the day has ended – empty and not too happy one.