Guild wars 2

My toon continues her journey throughout the lands of GW2. I am quickly running through regions, finishing exploration deed for every single region. Of course, sometimes I need to use side guides, but mostly it is easy. My motto is: difficult solution is the solution. Easy way typically leads nowher,e you have to look for complicated one (like waypoint on the hill, you climb hill, no exploration. Turns out the point was underwater).

Now I am in a mountain region with some miners, mines and alike. Too easy to be killed – once jumped from too high and my Asura died.

It turned out, I am getting combat xp from gathering. A pity, I thought this would be crafting points I need so much. Also, it turned out: if you  create new toon and your first toon is in Guild A – new toon would be automaticlaly in Guild A.  And rewards for killing/exploration are account-wise, i.e. you won’t be able to complete “NNN slayer” with every single toon.

Failed one dungeon. Entered “story mode”, thought I would be able to solo it. Was killed twice, left the dungeon. And that’s me – a person with a pet, summonable attack Golem, having AoE attacks and poisons! Well, one day I could try to try LFG….just not now.

Lord of the rings online

Sambrog run with 2 minstrels and a hunter. Quite nice, just I died once (as always, me, always without much luck). Then, we got bigger group and finished Glinghant. Thanks to heavens, no Anfalas crystal dropped. Overall – a quality run, I was finally able to do my best (though felt out-performed by others, always am).

Visited Laurelin, finished Orc slayer in Bree land. I am waiting for our Kinship to move there, to test new adventures, to have new kinnies and friends. Our server is of little activity now.

And so the weekend has ended, quite nice in both games.