Guild Wars 2

My tiny Asura continues her journey. Completing one region, now starting to complete another, getting rewards for doing some bumbo-jumbo in third. My Guild is active in end-game cotnent, but I am still too little for any serious activity.

Gathering materials became a bless after I found “deposit” function. it works like instant teleporter: get craftinjg materials, press right mouse button, choose “deposit materials”. Hurray, inventory has more space. This way I can make my bets in crafting. When it comes to lvl.75, I would have more than enough stuff to level up quickly.

Lord of the rings online

No more training. Perhabs – because it is boring and I have my last legendary weapons I try to level. After all, I do have enough LI xp runes to imbue and level up any weapon. No need to get more.

E verybody awaits transfers and new life on new server. Laurelin is pretty nice one.


And so the day has ended…almost nothing to say about it.