Guild wars 2

My tiny Asura succesfully continues her journey. Exploring one piece of land after another. Doing quests, taking part in events (sometimes – ignoring, if I have done them before). And grinding crafting materials.

I have also joined a Guild (Ddefenders with peace), they do encourage to buy GW2. Well, buying a game is not an option if one has no job and no income, so this could wait and will wait.

My Guild is nice, doing lots of fractals (something like end-game?), helping me with finding some evil locations. No, I am not Mr. Grumpy there…

Lord of the rings online

Activity is mostly Dol Amroth dailies. One day we had almost non-stop Kinshoip run, chaning few instances. Fighting was good, one time I had to be a healer and we survived. Well, it looks like I could mean something when I heal.

And so days are passing in GW2 and Lotro.