Guild wars 2

All the time was spent wit crafting. Gathering bronze ore and some tree logs. Crafting ingots and planks, depositing all of this to crafting vault (very, very needfull and usefull thing!).

A pity, mining destroyes one mining pick and we have few types of mining picks. Bronze, iron etc. Now I am using a stack of bronze ones…would have to purchase iron picks later. Now I must hurry to next crafting tier – to finally be able to craft iron ingots.

Met one Lithuanian player who asked if I was newbie….but I had some 10 minutes to play, so could not enter chat.

Lord of the rings online

Dol Amroth training, then using task board items…and at the end of the day Fornost run. Was killed few times (3? 4?), which was strange. Other than me – no deaths, everything was running perfect. Loot was very good – so desirable LI xp runes.

And so the day has ended.