Guild wars 2

Thanks to GW2 guru website (in-game chat is not posisble for free players) – finally starting to understand crafting. First – the nodes ARE visible on the map. In  Lotro we could mark any usable object with “del” – in GW2 no. In Lotro, you can toggle skill to look for nodes and every nearby node is marked as big green square: no such options in GW2.

However, I was able to find some copper nodes, craf ingots (using tin, whcih is bought from NPC), themn process some logs and run for copper again. I have some “crafting vault” where I can store 63 types of crafted materials, like ingots.

Other than that – no activity in GW2.

Lord of the rings online

Dol Amroth training, then running lvl.75 Sambrog with a kinnie. A lack of almost any activity.

And so the day has ended. I finaly found a way to deal with crafting in GW2, but it still is ineffective.