Guild wars 2

Travelling from pint A to point B. Getting xp (and no matter which lvl am I, i still get 5 combat skills). Spending Hero points and it turned out to be a disaster: invested dinto markmanship (since I am a ranger)…and got no new attacks or abilities. Nothing. Justb wasted Hero points I know not where to reset.

Almost no social interaction, only yesterday two veteran players talked about more restrictions to “freeps”.

Sometimes I can’t understand what to do. Explore? ok, I will, what it would give to me? Harvest? Crafting is very ineffective in GW2: no key to target nearby nodes, no nodess fields (like we had in Istaria) and nodes themselves sometimes are just like enviroment: nothing noticable.

Witnessedd one memories (cutscene) how one tower collapsed.

Lord of the rings online

Dol Amroth training, some task items turn in. Helping one player in Garth Agarwen, then – wanted to join instance, but at one condition: that it would be lvl.99. Folks did not agree, asking what kind of philosophy was that. My answer was – “a grumpy philosophy”.

In fact, it is pretty logic way to save nerves and still enjoy xp and run itself. It is about Annfalas crystals: if they do not drop at all, thee won’t be situation when everyone, except me, gets them.

And so the day has ended: I felt really lost with no directions where to go, what to do, what to enjoy at least.