Guild wars 2

My asura continued her adventures. I like this race, with all their flaws, from lack of centralized government to inventions that sometimes goes right.

I explored, going from one point to another, doing some quests, finishing some events. Yes, I died some times, but somehow it does not involve any penalties (maybe armour is damaged? Not sure how to check this).

Combat involves entire 5 skills that does not change. Then i have healing skill (one) and 2 damaging ones. Now, compare to Lotro with tens of skills…

Finally looted harpoon, so could complete some underwater quests. My asura does wonders and can stay underwater as much as she wants – no need to breathe air. My pet does too.

I got into some higher lvl areas, now I am to do quests thaty are above my lvl. But this is not a big problem: I can deal with enemies, just not with too many and not in melee.

Having no online help – decided to spend Hero points. Chose some Markmanship, bought almost all skills…and then it became clear that I canequip only 1/3 of them. If you have three skills, feel free to equip one and…and you can’t use skills C or B – only skill A.

Social activity is very low on GW2. I rarely see someone chating, maybe everyone is in Guild. Also, only 1 offer of help for newbies. Thanks to absence of chat, I can’t use even whispers effectively.

Lord of the rings online

Standard training in Dol Amroth. Sambrog runs: few – level 30s where I was the tank, one – lvl.100 where others (yes, always them) got Anfalas crystals and tomes. Of course, not me, never me.

And so the weekend has ended. I felt strange: bothh games offered me almost nothing to do. No activities there and here, almost dead chats and lack of any communication in Guild wars 2.