Guild wars 2

GW2 becames a game I play at least bit before going to work. This time – my adventures continues. Had to help one frog-race and had to do underwater quests. These were hard since I had no weapon for such combat. And I had to escort one frog to safety. Frog was killed, I had no gun, so I gave up.

Game itself saved me. Event became active, someone better than me escorted lame frog and I was credited. Same happened to one group-only boss. Event autobestowed, other player killed, I received rewards for event completion.

Equipment is still a mystery. However, there is one type of loot: some stuff, if you gather 5 of them, you use and get key to open lootbox. Let’as hope I will get 2 more of this stuff.

Still not a crafter, have to understand what do I really need (most likely, school that makes bows).

Lord of the rings online

Only Dol Amroth training…and asking if there was any activity. There was none.