Guild wars 2

My Asura ranger tried to explore the world. Visited some spots, earned Hero points (still not sure what are these for: learning new skills?). Then finally travelled to one forest. A home for Sylvani, a living-tree race. Enemies were lower lvl than me, so had very little trouble.

Quests in GW2 are interesting, though thet may be problematic if there are many players. You need to catch escaped experiments: but woe to you if there are many players with faster reaction/internet connection.

Got a new pet. Well, I can “charm” some pets so they fight alongside with me. Quite nice.

Lord of the rings online

Only Dol Amroth training, then some Scholar guild crafting. Crafted Legendary weapon for one player…and that ended my day in Lotro.

So the day has ended. One a bit dull in both games.