Guild wars 2

GW2 is a great game. I dare to say: the greatiest single player game ever. You have your own perosnal story, you have cool toon, abilities and so on. hey, with tiny Asuras you even have funny story.

For me it is not an mmo. Normal mmo means interaction between players: in GW2 there is none, as a free-to-play you cannot use global chats. So you just run, not being able to ask, whispers limited: 1 whisper within 30 seconds. No interaction at all.

I got stuck at one quest. My “krewe” consturcted a Massively Impressive Golem. Something that melds Asura and Golem into one. Of course, things went wrong and award-winning Golem went on rampage killing Asuras. It’s up to me to locate and stop the golem…and this is where I had to stop. I received a puzzle to press terminals and whatever I pressed was wrong with no indications about what was right. I googled, foind that I should watch for some lightnings…but I was not quick enough to run and so puzzle cannot be solved.

Since it is single player game – no ingame help.

Lord of the rings online

Things are going strange there.  Most of the times – no action at all, no one needs help, no one organizes anything. But when there is action, RNG tends to favour me somehow. First  -Pelagir, duo with a kinnie (champion: how on the Earth can Champion solo anything on-level???). Results:first age symbol and some other stuff. Next Pelagir – yesterday: second age symbol, Tome of Will 12. Then some mark farming at Annuminas.

Once again – bugged Mirkwood. offered my help to one player, teleporteed to Mirkwood…and things got bugged: he can’t see me, I can’t see me, but we both see each other 9as green dots) on the map.

Finally, finished with Ents of Fangorn – now am kindred and can forget these grumpy  things. Finally, Kindred with “heroes” of Limlight Gorge. Gained enough tokens to gain Acquitance with another structure of Dol Amroth (probably two more remaining).

And so the day has ended: absolute disaster in real life and bvit of strange in Lotro.