Guild wars 2

Tried new race – Asuras. These are tiny creatures with big eyess and they are technologically geniuses. Sometimes their inventions goes wrong (starter mission is to attack malfunctioning golems…) and this where and wht true hero must rise. Unfortunately, you can’t make sexy Asura – I was not succesfull in making one with anime-size eyes.

Overall, I enjoyed Asura. And did not enjoy adventure in a silence. Ranger is still the best class.

Lord of the rings online

Dol Amroth training missions, getting valuable golden tokens. 3 missions swith grumpy Ents (“hum hum, you are far from home”…yes, captain Obvious). Finally – 4 quests for Heroes of Limlight Gorge. And crafting Guild reputation items, I do rush towards Kindred with them.

One failed attempt to aid player in Lumul nar: quite an impossible task, because of too many mirrors and if you turn them at least one before you read (very unclearly written) manuals – you fail. So failed I.

Talked with kinnies, trolled a bit in World chat. Withywindle is now empty in terms of action. I ask if any low level needs aid – no result in days.

What’s left from personal life, is now in ruins. Last two weekss with some money. Then some 36 working days with temporaly job. And then – without any job, without any money, life is just darned grumpy.

But at least life was quite nice in GW2 and Lotro…