Guild wars 2

Guardian was deleted (I have 2 toon slots after all). A Norn Necromancer was born. Class is not spectacular, at lvl.1-2 I can’t dinf any reason to play it at all. It was race philosophy, close to Dwarven, that fascinated  me. They fight, they aren’t afraid of something, they do have parties where they drink, they dream of greater glory and organize hunts.

As always, many players which may sound good…but should I enter into solo mission (like that one with picking apples), i am in trouble.

And as always, my adventures are in complete silence. While I am enjoying content and things are clear (go there, solo that) things are ok. At harder moments I won’t be able to call for help, to ask for advice.

Lord of the rings

Dol Amroth dailies, then – Fangorn dailies and crafting stuff for Scholar’s guild. Pelagir, duo: was quite nice, though I do need more points for my engineer (gold reward, perhabs some lame NPC died while I was senselessly firing catapult).

Farmers fair: did it, but did not like. Same “go and pick darned apple and do it within few seconds”, same “accuse drunkards”. Fishing quests are naturally made impossible. I was extremely lucky to do egg collecting quests without competition. Overall – not too good, but I may try for essence reclamation scroll.

One question about Legendary items that I have no answer. If I use scroll to add +10 levels to LI – would it add 1 major legacy or 1 minor legacy? Just because I have one cool healing skill in major legacy and really need it.

And then, some instance in Forochel. Level 100 and (as later came out) tier 2. I came as dps Minstrel and with group we went to the first boss, some over-grown bear. It reflected too many attacks, I died. Finally, almost all group was wipe, buit somehow (with me dead, I think) kinnies managed to killthe bear. I thought it was over, but no – we had another boss. Dealth with him, because he did not reflect damage. Yes, he had adds, but these were not huge problem.

Finall bos, some Wigh or alike, was a real Mission Impossible. he had some Guardians. Since we are tier 2 – we can’t kill them, challenge will fail.  Monster does some throwing attacks. I was killed as dps, all group was wiped – then we returned, I retraited as healer…only to find myself quickly killed by some mob.

After next wipe I quit. Told group, received some negative comments (“I do not like quitters”), but situation was just helpless. For such monster any group would need tens of players: at least 10 tanks. At least 10 ranged dps. At least 10 healers. And any amount of supportive class players, like champions or Loremasters. Anything less means no chance for victory. We had almost no chances for victory…and once again, a sign for me to avoid tier 2 like a plague.

And so the days has ended in Lotro.