Guild wars 2

My Hunter continued her journey. As many GW2 players – in complete silence. No one was talking, no one was whispering, no invites – complete silence. I went through one event to another, form one quest hub to another (sometimes had to figure out I have to return to point A while being at point D). I have cool rapid firing ability, I have nice pet and even 1 self-heal.

Finally found where can I look at my equoipment. It is under “Hero” option, lets swap thing, hide some equipment from being visible (so far – only gloves). No option to run half-nude or have revealing outfits 😛

At some poitn I was killed, then figured out I should choose point of resurrection and pay for that.

One not too positive thing: events are just gonna happen, no matter if you have finished them. Auto-bestow, which was a bit irriating in lotro.

And travelling all the time in silence. Seeing others, not being able to whisper + whispers are limited in time. Guild wars 2 are nice, distinctive…yet I feel really alone and treated like hostile by developers. Free player – oh yes, we see you as scammer, spammer and bad person.

Lord of the rings online

Hytbold crafting instance. Quests for lame Ents to get more scholar materials and reputation with those Ents (a pity Saruman the Wise did not chop all of them). Purchased some dye recipe for almost 100 Fangorn leaves. And finally, purchased Return to Snowbourn ability.

Then – traditional training in DA and some resource gathering,  crafting-using Scholar Guild reputation items.

Other than that – no activity, even World chat is empty. Met one troll, got her into Ignore list. Even no new players that would like some help.

And so the day has ended – kind of empty in Lotro and GW2.