Guild wars 2 (free to play version)

GW2 went free to play, so I followed an advice given by  folks at mmorpg.com. I do not risky anything, so why not try game everyone was talking about for so long?

Client was kind of small, download quick and I could start “play” when less than 50% download was completed. Convenient, I have to say.

Races: humans, living trees, some little folk and fierce creature race. I chose Human: being living tree or some little copy of panda does not fascinate me.
Classes:  so far no class can outperform Lotro’s Minstrel. Self-healing ranged artillery (devastating one) or, in times of need – healing and buffing class. For start, Guardian was chosen. Should be close to Lotro, same philosophy: heavy armour, heavy weapon, protecting allies. Then tried Necromancer, was not impressed…fimnally stopped at Ranger. It is really superb class: holding bow to range-nuke enemies and his trustfull pet. You shoot, pet attacks and then you just shoot at will. If it comes to melee, things may turn worse, but hey, you have one healing skill, so – not so bad.

Customization: too little. Since I like to make sexy girl alts – I was not able to do so. I could only choose from predefined configurations. Women faces are almost all the same, Anime-type (just without huge square eyes).  Positive things: I created my own personal story be answering few questions with different (from 3 to 6) answer options, from “where was I raised” to “what God do i worship”. It already affected intro. Well, it’s what I like, something personal, something distinctive. Graphic is very interesting and (repeating) – very distinctive. Also, i could dye my armour from character creation. Result: 2 blonde girls, one with some anime-haircut.

Then, up to questing, won’t we? Starter mission for humans was simple, defend some village from evil centaurs. Then you move to next area, “enjoying” silent auto-bestowed quests. You go, you see “Help farmer Palpatine kill rats, wookies and jedi”. Ok, you start killing, rewards are auto-bestowed too. You can see event, like “protect my pipes from brigands” and then “protect my workers while they repair pipes”.

Questing is in complete silence: free players are barred from global chats. Should you have a question, fell free…not to ask it, I did not see veteran players there and newbies like me couldn’t know much more than me. Quests arew without any story, just go and do it.

There are many manyh players, cooperating silently (because for free ones even whispers are limited). You go, you don’t know what to expect etc.

Howewver, questing as Ranger was very good: rain of arrows, then my pet or even a shot that sents ebnemy some distance back from me. Or shot that makes me iniviisble for a while. There are deeds, but all primitive, like “kill 10…”. I ended up in a deed “Indiscriminate killer” for killing 10 non-combat animals. But hey, if they are red (targets), they are legal to attack…

Overall GW2 are interesting. Would I reccomend free version? Yes – to try and play in silence. No – to buy, I see no reason to buy chat for some 40 or more dollars. Chats can be limited, but they should be. Limited toons on server is ok, limited inventory space is ok too…but not chat.

Lords of the rings online

Stormsong gathered some 1000 swan-knights tokens and exchanged into 100 healer lootboxes. Mostly greater essences (no supreme:reported NOT to drop), some trashy (like power), some half-needed.

Kinnies invites into Tower of Orthanc, where we went up to the top to battle Saruman and then disbanded. Fighting was hard, I was in dps mode, but still can’t understand how lvl.75 is expected to beat monster with some 200.000 health or group of monsters where one has 42.000 health? Hard times even for lvl.100. Rewards were for lvl.75: some crystals, some lvl.75 barter items and runes. I got very little Li runes – looks like rng still does not like me much.

And so the day has ended: quite standard one in Lotro.