Lord of the rings online

Weekend was spent in crafting. Gathering required materials, crafting, then reading lotro-wiki, calculating how much more stuff do I need. Even using Excel to calculate.

Hour after hour, day after day – riding in some land, getting all resources, occasionally killing monsters (in hopes that they will drop something), checking backpacks. Vault is just eploding from many materials.

And yesterday, I have finally finished mastery for tier 9. I am top level Scholar, as well as Farmer. Crafting madness is over. I could finally do other stuff, like dailies in Dol Amroth.

Took part in few lvl.100 instances, kinnies asked to be healer. It was quite nice to spam AoE heals and some buffs.

And so, the crafting madness is formally over. I am free to do other things.