Lord of the rings online

My Stormsong (Withywindle) has finally things to do. First of all, I finished Farmer, now am at top efficiency and many of needed plants in my vault (not flowrs though..need to grind for special soils). Then, i am doing what I was supposed to do before becoming Scholar: gathering materials.

I travelled to Dunland for some artifacts: working there was pure pleasure. Just go from one node to another, also you could kill local Dunlendings/Wighs…annd repeat, untill you are satisfied.

Then – Wildermore, for Scraps of Rohirrim texts. Good location too: Ornated chests spawn in farms, also I was able to find  Westemnet soil in local backpacks.

Result – used some recipes hold in shared vault so that vault has more space.  Also, some crafting stuff for Dunedanmule.

As a Farmer – used remaining crops just to get rid of them and get some nice stuff.

Kinnies invited to some cool-sounding instance, but this was one of new Gondors, so I could not enter. A pity. Helped lvl.41 kinnie though, we stormed Tuckoborough and one Sambrog. In Tucko I was killed twice (!): only now I realised that if monster has a field of swrods around him – that’s reflecting damage…A pity, i understood it too well. Nevertherless, we were victorious.

And so the day has ended: good in Lotro (finally have what to do every single day!) and with almost ruined personal life in real-life.