Lord of the rings online

We had an update which was exoected to last from 15:00 to 18:00 Lithuanian time. When I logged in at some 17:13, game was online. Kudos, Turbine. And so  -we have transfers ready. Magic “Transfer” button under “Play”.

Things look pretty simple: select toon(s), press “Next step”. Choose what you want to transfer (shared storage, mtihril coins…) – pres “All”, press “next”, confirm you want to transfer for FREE. My long-forgotten AlphaI was transferred, many other toons would follow. Rumour has it, Withywindle would be at the end of the line, so we have some time left…and wait untill our Kinship leader transfers.

Meanwhile I was busy with farmer. Levelling is easy, you just stand in, say, Hobbiton farms, plant and harvest. Untill Supreme it goes this way:only money are required, rest is just plant-pick-craft-repeat.  After Supreme thigns become tricky: you need some special soil that cannot be bought from NPCs. So, you plant some fields, harvest them to get soil, then use soil to plant what you need. I was very lucky to have my kinnies just giving away me lots of such valuable material.

And I decided just to run ahead with farmer: I will farm some materials later. Things were running pretty good, I even had Crest of Rohan dropped. Rating of needed things sometimes was high, like 10-25%. If I had a cook, it would be jet-levelling.

Scholat is in trouble: not enough materials and it turned out I completely lack some “Etching of Moria” (lvl.55). Which means either eternal grind or spending tons of gold in Auction hall. Not good. I advanced Scholar a bit, but would have more problems with him.

Ran Way of Smiths instance as a healer and one kinnie told my heals were good. I tried to spam every single AoE heal, looking after our Guardian and casting some weird spell on him: spell increases parry chance and sometimes he would refelct some damage. Not sure iff it worked, but in my group nobody died. There was one Anfalas crystal drop – of course, not for me. Later ran few Tuckoboroughs (lvl.41, tier2 and 3) with a kinnie. He was a bit impatient and one time had died. Well, it is never a good idea to run in such Skirmish before lvl.100…

And so the day has ended – quite busy and happy one in Lotro.