Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active on Withywindle only. Finally, Scholaring. However, it turned up I did not do my homework: I thought some 200 crafting stuff should be enough for one tier.

It wasn’t. And now I am just a bit stuck with my Scholar, But wait, to make dies, I need some exotic flowers. Not a problem – kinnies told – you have your Farmer, so just level it up.

And here it goes: I stand in Bree, seeding and harvesting…and materials needed (rare critical ones) just do not drop. I planted some 100, maybe 150 bluebbery fields only to receive zero blueberries. Turbine, it is not fun. Some other plants gave better results: 10-20% out of all planted fields gave dye components.

Result: all day standing near Bree, then – in Hobbiton, planting flowers and advancing very quick. Of course, I will need some stuff later, but for now I just rush with my Farmer to reacch tier 7 (Supreme) and then try to plant wild flowrers, hoping for some rare roots.

Oh, my Scholar is now in Guild, done quest to impress some Elf in Rivendell…now i can finally craft rpeutation items,. It would level up Scholar…and grow up reputation. So far I see no cool things to get from Guild (dye x25 recipe? not quite usefull),

Overall – I have finally things to do and rush every single day. I have a purpose of grind, i have numbers to watch growing.

Kinship chat – witnessed few very interesting discussions and thought of them almost all remaining day.

And so the day has ended – one with onions, blueberries, fertilizers, waters. Almost good one, if not for hundreds of fertilizers and waters in one inventory…