Lord of the rings online

World transfers are announced. I tried to move my toons, but – no magic button “Transfer”. Tried everythng, finally gave up. It was only later that other players explained: due to many bugs transfer is stopped for now and would resume. As they say, in 1-1,5 week. Ok, will wait then.

Laurelin is quite nice and friendly, though sometimes hardcore lore-experts can argue about Quenya and Sindarin or “Uruk-hai disease”. We did rant about Laila and what we want to do with her. I told about impale, others – about cuttng her head off.

My Stormsong on Withywibndle has finally become Scholar! Crafting vocation allows me to become Weaponsmith and Farmer. These two professions are not needed, |I have Naktieskarys for weaponsmithing. First, i used all Journeyman recipes I had in shared vault. Then – finally used one Universal toolkit (better than inferior). And after that – started gathering materials near Bree. Gathering is a pain – you can find stuff only in various “ruined pictures” type things that are found within ruins. Bright side: you can research at the place and gain xp (no need to hurry to crafting hall). And yes, should you find some herbs – feel free to make dies that (rumour has it) are in some demand.

On Withywindle – a bit chat with Kin, but mainly – riding between some 5 spots with crafting materials. Later I will just go and kill monsters for the materials:it’s far more effective.

On Laurelin – Stormsong did deeds, gained TPs (which were spent on Withywindle’s Stormsong, she purchased Scholar Guild access).l I leave my toon to do healing deeds: 500/1000 and 500/2000 done. Some 10 days to use two skills.

And so the day has ended: quite good and nice in Lotro.