Lord of the rings online


Stormsong was mostly without job. Dol Amroth training, task items…and nothing. Folks are running Ruined city everytime, for Morgul crests. These do drop at tier2: aproximately 1 crest for player + a chance to win one or two at the end. Since full armour set is ~120 crests, one needs 120 runs. That’s too much, I think.

Helped one player to deed in Shire. For lvl.13 it should not be a big problem, but who knows? He stopped there and here to harvest ash trees. I proposed him to move and do slayer deeds, we slaughtered some Brigands, then moved to wolves, finally – we were moving to spiders…and then he told “Done”, fellowship disbanded. Period.

Helped one kinnie with fast leveling for his alts. That was a real blast: we ran through Orcs in Bree-land untill he could receive xp for killed lv.20 monsters (he was lvl.13, I suppose). Then we just run through poor orcs…and to barrows, Haudth Iarcith, where he quickly reached lvl.20 (xp burst tomes are good thing). Then – Great Barrow runs, ending with poor Sambrog. Result – kinnie reached lvl.25 or 26 very quicklly. Then, there was his alt who too needed some grow up. We ran through barrows, then once again Sambrog. Things were going quite good, except fact he died and did not wait for me to resurrect him. At the other side – I managhed to cats protective shield and help him few times.

There are news about new crafting tier – so Naktieskarys went to gather Riddermark and Eorlingas ore (well…vault had enough of them, but that’s another story). Then – purchase Riddermark coal and make Guild emblems. I will be prepared for upcoming tier, even if they nerf Guild reputation items’ value.


My TP grinder just does wonders. She levels up very quickly – and that’s with bad equipment, onbly 2 legendary traits slotted and everything invested into red tree’s offense. Finished some slayer deeds in Lonelands – and then moved to Bree.

Last few runs: Old Forest exploration, Flowers of Old Forest. Then – picked up some primitive quests. Almost every quest, except “kill 150/300 barrow wardens and spirits” is done in Bree land. Then – quick ride to Shire, finished exploration, occasionally doiing slayer deeds. Then – to Ered Luin, finished Rath Teraig exploration.

Talked in chat a bit, local population is quite nice. Someone asked about kins in Spanish (I guess), some Italian kinship advertised in Italian. Some Russian player asked in Russian (no response given). There were some lore-jokes, like “Balrog was in fact Gandalf’s ex, that’s why their meeting was unsuccsesfull”. I added, that they had some really hot intimate moments…and that judging from Gandalf’s anger, his next fiance was probably Saruman.

I try to log in my other toons and talk in World chat. So far, all my nicks are intact and that’s good. if I am able to be myself – that’s pretty nice news.


And RNG. For some reason it started to favour me. On Laurelin opened lootbox: 15 mithril coins. On Withywindle, was harvesting metal: quickly gathered 2 emerald shards. Quite nice for  RNG that usually hates me.

I am going to vacation and would be offline till Sunday. So – meet you later.