Lord of the rings online


Usual Dol Amroth training, using task items…and completing “Treasure hunt” auto-bestowed quest. Why? Just because it gives LI xp and I do need every single LI xp.


Logged in Vytautaz, later – Windstorms. Maybe I could have created Loremaster and check if levelling with it grows as fast as with Minstrel.

Xgrinder did Bree-land woodsman deed (killing local trees), competing with one lvl.40s player. Since I had nothing more to do, switched to doing Bree-land deeds, picking as easy ones as possible.

I am trying red line Champion right now. So far it seems quite nice. Single-target heavy attack that adds to Fervour and one attack that needs all Fervour, but then may be used as medium-AoE. Yes, no shing-shing, yet quite nice.

And then World chat was full of talks ‘you arr racist”  etc. yet another politis. I tried to use one topic heared in Russian pay-to-win mmo: “The existence of the so-called “Real world” has not been proven yet”…and had to leave. I have no wish to participate in political or racial debates. Have whatever opinion you want, yet please, do not bring it to Middle Earth. Game moderatorss should be doing something about that.

And so the day has ended. Almost a good one in lotro.