Lord of the rings online


Stormsong: as always, daily tasks, golden tokens, some chatting. Lots of Ruined city runs, but almos no runs for me.

I used my ‘second-handed” toons to pack Shared vault belongings. Vytautaz and Windstorms got some of things: well, at least some things they could be usefull: serve as mule toons…


TP grinder used her slayer and skill deed accelerator. Now, I had a real blast in barrow of Taradan. First, one evil deed (“strike enemies with heralds hammer” was completed. Then. Taradan spider slayer (simple and advanced) were completed. And some deeds that required using heals were completed. 2 trait points gained:invested into upgrading Call of Orome and increasing critical chance/damage for certain skills.

Met with some competition there (lvl.91 was doing spider slayer…weird), but was lucky to complete fast.

And then – world chat which was a bit abnormal yesterday. One player tried to ask about “life and death”, how he “feels loon”. Others quickly returned him to reason tellijg it is a game chat after all. Then, we had some discussion about politics and religion. About Tolkien and Pagan/Christian religions. Someone told Christians could be offended by doing Yule. Other player trolled that “Catholics and Orthodoxes may, but Christians – no”. I told I am a Catholic and do not feel offended. Then – a prolonged talk about proffanity filter and one player who went  abit out of control. Later I was not looking at this discussion.

Freemasons were right, banning talks about politics and religion from the lodges. They only divide people into factions and no almost no good. The only talks I think could be allowed – generous jokes, without mentioning any particular things. I tend to troll (a bit) in rela life with things like – “hey, behave, don’t be like a member of Parliament!” or “who could have done this [bad thing]? Only a thing like a member of Parliament could, not a human”.

And so, the day has ended. My nicks were still intact and it looks I could stay on Laurelin (Dunedanmule being exception…should rename her). The day has been good in Lotro.