Lord of the rings online


Stormsong did training, turned in task items…and almost everyrthing was over. Folks ran Ruined city, but it’s not for me. Asked in chat if any new player needs aid – some lvl.86 responded. We hunted in Rohan, it was nice to ride my warsteed again and – well, feel powerfull.


Doing my class deeds on Xgrinder (still can’t remember how exactly she is renamed). Now all I have to do is to use helaing skills many times and steike with melee strike.

Was first time at lvl.21 by one named Warg in barrows. A pity, but death happens in Middle Earth.

Some people come to Laurelin, just like me: to observe what is what. One asked “is this server good?”. Intereresting question, since nobody will answer “no”.

Overall – things are good. I grind TPs, I talk in chat and hope my nicks would rename intact at Laurelin.