Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did usual training. Then, ran some Moria instances looting valuable LI xp runes. And then…then adding them to the LI with the highest level. Weapon reaches top level, is deconstructed and new one is slotted.

Instances were kind of fun – we ran with strong group (almost all – lvl.100, just at lvl.60s). At one run I was asked to heal and I found myself in situation where I was in red trait tree, but in green mode. Not so impressive dps, but still sosme heals on others. One of our kinnies, a hunter, managed to be killed few times. Other than that – everything went just ok.

Logged in Naktieskarys, talked a bit. Then did almost everything I could with Xgrinder (yeah, she’s renamed, but it still Xgrinder for me). I have few class deeds to do on her, including evil “use healing skills 2000 times” and ‘strike with melee skill 200 times”. However, i will do these.
Local population: so far, nice people. One sent me a message he used that nick (Stormsong) in other game and wished me very best luck. Then had some political discussion -luckily, it was short. Asked one Italian about some things from Italy’s past and present. He answered quickly and I hope, he understood that if I ask about some bad people, I do not support bad people.
Kinships advertise every single now and them. Some of them self-advertise with “heavy RP” in description. Laurelin is alive at this point. Did not receive invites to join any, which is good: i won’t join any kin on Laurelin. Except Family when it transfers.
Xgrinder looted some bronze-bound lootboxes. Sold them on AH  succesfully. I am just grinding money so that after transfer (let’s hope shared vaults would be merged…) I have more gold and stuff.


And so the day has ended, quite a nice one in Lotro.