Lord of the rings online

Laurelin: my all toon created there. Gridning TPs with my grinder, sometimes logging other toons to talk in Wolrd chat. Waiting for reaction to my nicks. Locals can be divided roughly into two types: a) “No idea about nicks”; b) ninja-reporters.  Since ‘b’ never show up, I ended in chats with those who do not know. And I am not sure if I will ever like local population. If my nicks remain intact, that’s all because of non-working days. Let us see this week.

Meanwhile Stormsong ran Glinghant (or whatever this instance in Annumimas is called). Had almost zero enthusiasm to do it: I’m not familiar with lvl.100 tactic here or with challenges and I am nervous about loot. In the very first run group ran through monsters and there was one Anfalas crystal. For me. It was a darned miracle, something that is supposed not to happen – but it did happen. I rna second and third instance – well, no crystals, but still I felt better.

Kinship helped to finish Kergrim slayer in Skumfi, so now I am officially The Saviour of Moria. Now have to riush for Saviour of Lothlorien (which includes Dar Narbugud). I, in turn, helped one kinnie with several instances.

Had many talks about my Legendary weapon. Finally decided to imbue it. Lots of talks, readings…and yes, used all my 3 Anfalas cvrystals, then bartered >50 scrolls of empowerement (thanks, Dol Amroth golden tokens…). Weapon imbued. It is more powerfull than was, lacks extra legacy (crystal of remembrance is zero-loot item), but overall looks nice. Anfalas crystal I looted – it was added to imbued weapon, now I have to loot 2 more.

In short, things are going almost very well. If I start to loot Anfalas crystals – it could mean onkly one: I could finally get out of failure zone and imbue all my LIs. Champion’s rune. Minstrel’s book. That’s 6 crystals: 3 before imbue, 3 – after. I’m still noit so sure about Laurelin (but this week would show what is what there).