Lord of the rings online

And here we go: my Xgrinder was renamed. No information, like /tell or in-game mail, just renamed and that’s it. Opened a ticket, asking if my nicks would be ok, explaining meaning of Lithuanian-based nicks.

The answer was really quick and contained no answer: please look at our name-naming policy there and here. My dear Turbine, I asked if certain nicks are ok or not; I expected answer “no” or “yes”.

Which makes me to make one difficult decision: Laurelin with its ninja-reports and ninja-renames is NOT for me. They may roleplay as much as they want, but my nick with neutral meaning should not be target for instant reporting.

And I don’t care if Evernight is crowded or not. All I care is my Kin, at least if some of them move to Evernight, I will have some friends left.

*feeling sad*