Lord of the rings online

Did my dailies on Stormsong and Naktieskarys, then – almost finishing with task items. I use them heavily on both these toons…and very little new income of them. On the bright side, shared storage would have more space for usefull items.

Was invited to Rift, but group sometimes did not know what they want from me. First – they told nothing to me. Then – “oh, wait, you heal”. Ok, switched to healing tree and mode. Failed, because lame Elf-NPC was killed. Restarted, I run as healer: “you DPS, our runekeeper heals”. In the middle of fight – “you heal” (again). Thren we ran into bad situation, where folks were killed and I did not know I had one resurrection skill that works in combat.  For some time I was enjoying myself: I stood in some safe place, healed my friends, placed protective bubbles on them and thought we would do this…untill second defeat and dismiss of fellowship.

We talked in Kin chat about Laurelin, about transfer problems. My current troubling question: if my toon there stores, say, 1 healing potion in shared vault; then all other toon move from Withywindle…along them shared storage. What would happen to shared storage then – would I have two of them or would I have healing potion added to “imported” shared storage?

Then I went to check how things looks like in Laurelin. Started my toon, Xgrinder. Nick os not rp or anything meaningfull (“x” – just because this toon needs to be at the end of all toons and I have one with W). Talked in world chat – just talked, no trolling about Saruman the Good and Sauron the Wise. Folks are nice, rp elements can be felt, but World chat is a normal one. No trolling that is so common in Withywindle. I talked, observed – and nobody reported my…well, not so role-play…nick. Everything was going fine, there were folks around me and it was almost good.

So – I was afraid of Laurelin and it’s role-play. Just because I could not play other character. I play myself, with my grumps/nomn grumps, my wish to be usefull and my TP grinds. I can’t play, say, Dwarf with his bloodline going back to Thorin who lost his father in fight with some evikl and now wonders in icy world of Forochel trying to meditate the meaning of Middle Earth and destiny of all living creatures.

In short, thins were almost excellent. A pity to abandon Withywindle (as soon as Kin moves, i move too: I go where Kin goes), but maybe on Laurelin our Kin will grow more and I will have more new friends, more people to aid every day.