Lord of the rings online

Daily training gave more Arnor silver coins than much needed Swan-knights tokens. On the other hand, I have nearly 300 Dol Amroth golden tokens, so one day could swap them for some Anfalas crystals.

And Anfalas crystals got me into heated disccussion. Someone in Worlc chat asked for their price, someone told 400-500 gold and another player replied they do not drop that often.

I interferred telling (obvious fact) that within last runs (10?20?) I had none. Within this half year I had either none or just 1 dropped. And that RNG is just set against me. It’s very simple, anyone who has ever seen program code would understand. Like “setAnfalasCrystals-off”.

These were those who disagreed. Ok, it’s natural. I presented them data what lvl.100 stuff did I do and whatever I did, I got nothing. If RNG had existed, I should have looted something more than 0(1) this year. And then I was suspected of trollinng (no intent, I was just stating facts and quite logical conclusion), someone told “then open a tcket”. Why? It’s Turbine’s game, they are free to set anything against anyone. Overal, everything ended in my oponents failing to read plain English. In “upgrade your LI first” (typical ad hominem), “you don’t need Anfalas crystals on imbued weapon at all”. In fact, i was accused of trolling and being trolled at the same time.

Maybe it’s time to set World chat off. Yes, my English is not perfect, any UK citizen would say so. yes, I do type with typos and small letters instead of big (like “no idea, i have done it only one time”. Yet I stated facts and 1 quite logical opinion. If anyone coulds present his/her own data – ok, we could discuss it.  Let us imagine this way: every single day you go to casino and bet on red 10. Half a year passes, yet no red 10 for you. Red 10 for neighbour, for all casino, just not you. Random thing or…?

Being trolled aside – helped one kinnie with Moria instances, then did Sixteenth Hall, Fill Gashan solo; helped kinnie with Lumul Nar and got killed there. Yes, lvl.100 Mini was killed because he needed Morroval task mistress to be alive. Next time I killed that creature as I saw it…Was killed in another instance by some General in melee too. Revived fallen friends few times, set a bubble on them and overlal had impression that I was acting like a tank.

Result: many deeds advanced, yet Globsnaga (adv.) slayer still not complete and I still have to do some instances again and again (like 88/240 morrovals in Lumul nar…).

We are actively discussing future moving from Withy. Naming plicy and other things that are still somehow unclear for me.

And so the day has ended. Except of ignorant, arogant players failing to read English – it has been quite good.