Lord of the rings online

Yay, finally online, back with my Kin. Did my typical activity – Dol Amroth training, task items…and then chat.

World chat was verly live, Kinship chat too. Withywindle is closing, we can’t create new toons there. We are to decide where Kinship will move, currnetly two servers are on mind. We are debating which one to choose. As for me, i’d choose the less populated. Anyway, it’s the Kin  that matters: wherever it moves, I will follow.

Developers announced “thanks for continued suppport”. We are to receive some free transfer token, few cosmetic and title (one more meaningfull title, yay). Looks like we received +2 character places. Looks like all material belongings will be transferred; a bit more problematic with housing: we’ll get compensation only and all housing stuff – in Escrow.

Well, it’s both good and bad. If server looks like ghost town, it’s bad for PR. If server lags heavily, it’s bad for PR too. More people may be good, but acknowledging that your own servers were ghost towns for years may be bad. in Turbine’s place I won’t be doing server merge only due to PR reasons.

Anyway, we are on the move and I will transfer my toons wherever my Kinship goes (including the Master of the Grumpy Kin…)