Lord of the rings OFFline

No internet (logging only to check mail, public transport and this blog). No Lotro. PC master arrived today and told me HDD was doing fine. Some problems with registry, system…but it was darned fine. Videocard was fine, motherboard was fine.

My monitor decided to retire. It was him that sabotated most of my online life. Went to one shop, ordered 19 inch monitor with some “full HD” (not sure what that means, but sounds cool). Monitor is to arrive around Monday.

Untill then – no Lotro, no Kinship, no Dol Amroth trainiing, no task items turn-ins, no questions in World chat “Any low lvl player needs help?”. No trolling about Grayhammer (“Grayhammer has existed before Lotro and in fact it was him that wrote Lotr; only later some Tolkien too credits”; “It was Grayhammer that wrote Declaration of Independence, some Washington just corrected things like ‘We, bashing people, wanna bash, bash and bash”), no trolling about Saruman the Noob, Sauron the Good and Gandalf the Evil, Gandalf the Always Grumpy. No “role-playing” about me as a Grumpy Dwarf (not grumpy, just bored).

Well…at least can communicate with this blog.