Lord of the rings online

My favourite Lotro is offline, the only connection I have is an unsecure one.

Weekend: almost good. One skirmish raid, very lame loot (sold even tier 5 settings). Helped some people too.

Sambrog run, level 100, I tried my new strategy: wait untill we kill Sambrog, then quickly left fellowship. Thought that I won’t see loot and won’t be nervous. I was wrong, I saw loot. Fortunately for me, no Anfalas crystals and I declined every single piece of loot. I just do not need this trash worth some 20-50 silver coins maximum. Should I need such highly valuable loot – bears/orcs near Bree drop something more valuable.

We had discount on quest packs and new character slots, yet I do not need any of them. Quest packs? Sure, if any Gondor is for some 50 Turbine points. If it’s more, then it should have many factions to gain Kindred with. Any price higher than that – is pure science fiction.

Of course, kinnies are asking me to join new content. I can’t and I won’t be able as long as Gondors are hardcore (as they obvious are now).

That end my blog for today. Tomorrow – yet another PC repairs, reinstalling system, then installing various needed stuff, including Lotro and Istaria clients.

Personal life lies in ruins. Even in Lotro I can’t find anything meaningfull to do. Do daily training:yeap. Turn in task items: yeap. Grind scholar materials if they come:yeap. Then, there is pure waiting:maybe someone would ask for help or low level Sambrog would be organized. And of course, me being mocked by RNG. Whatever happens, I would one left aside. Always aside.