Lord of the rings online

Daily training, turning in task items (thanks to God I will run out of them soon). Then – looking for something to do.

Pelagir. 6-man run. My Minstrel was kind of effective there, placing traps, using AoE nukes and enjoying Damage-over-time spell. Things were going relaly nice, we had a good team.

Then it came to the loot and I watched what others would get. Wow, loot is nice – First age symbol, universal solvent, some rare and very expensive Supreme essences. I equipped “lucky” horseshoe and…
…and got trash. Supreme essence that is worth 13 silver at vendor and some 5 silver at AH (one player told that). Earring that I have no use of. And tome of Will XI while I do not have tome of Will I.

Pure trash. Always others, who get all the normal loot – and never me. A pity, Pelagir does not have “chest mechanic” of Sambrog – then it would be easier for me to live. I would just quit before loot distribution starts (because it is obvious I won’t get anything valuable). For such “loot” I’d better go to hunt lvl.9 spiders and get 13 silver quickier.

Promised “weekly quests” are there, every single week new one and sos for a year. Of course, new currency, some “hats”. Some cosmetic items I am not very fond of. Very little feedback on these. My first impressions – due to a really long time, probbaly not worthy of doing. If I am to invest that much time, I need rewards higher than cosmetics.

At the end of the day – one run with a kinnie in Evendim. Salamander slayer, then Giant slayer, finally Gauredain slayer. With accelerator (and some of my aid) – kinnie was able to finish deeds and I looted much valuable Scholar items.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.