Lord of the rings online

We have Update 16.2. Paying customers have access to new PvP map. All players can now equip cosmetic weapons. Some changes in PvP which does not bother me.  Roving Threats added to 3 regions, also some stuff at RT barterer made cheapier.

We also have Summer festival that is mostly about fishing. yet another wasted festival I won’t take part into. New “weekly quests” are on – it’s easy to predict they will be RNG and hard, i.e. once again – not for me. But this is quite natural, I do not like extremely hard or extremely grindy things.

Perhabs the only usefull thing are cheapier Anfalas scrolls of empowerent, yet  one needs to kill many many Roving threats to barter one scroll.

Talked to kinnies about imbue and that for one weapon player may need some 4500 gold: ~1500 gold – crystal of remembrance and if Anfalas crystal is only 500 gold – then 6*500 –>3000 gold for Anfalas crystals. That’s for freakin’ one weapon. Since any player has 2 of them – it’s almost 10.000 gold. And I counted Anfalas crystal at the cheapiest price – normally they sell for 700-750 gold and higher.

Ranted about imbuement too, like “no one knows what “imbue” is, some say it’s about space and time, some say it’s about life and experience, others guess “imbue” does not exist”…

Managed to aid others, mostly in Angmar’s fellowship quests, like killing dragons, named goblins and so on. Saw one Roving Threat with 1 million hp – attacking would mean suicide. Also, ran with few players in lvl.70s instances – it was cool too. Finally, at the very end of the day – ran through Tuckoborough with one kinnie, just  for fun (Tucko never ever drops anything). I was running from instance to instance, sometimes lacking time to aid others. And it was really nice. I was usefull, I was of some aid to others.

And so the day has ended – quite nice one in Lotro.