Lord of the rings online

My PC’s hard disk is failing, sometimes PC turns in after 20-30 minutes, sometimes it does not work at all. Third data backup within 2 months. 1,5 days without everything (and you cannt play Lotro from your Symbian smartphone).

Grumpy days, internet and Lotro mean too much for me.

While I was online -same routine (Dol Amroth, task items). Yesterday reached Kindred with Pelagir, so tens of task items became almost obsolete. Transferred some to Naktieskarys, he is still not kindred.

Had almost nothing to do. Sometimes was able to help others. Went to North Downs and helped kill one named mob, then helped another player to get safely out of there. Took part in some runs.

Argued with one kinnie and felt really angry. But was it because my PC’s faults made me angry or…? No idea.

Weird days, let’s hope I will be able to recover my PC.