Lord of the rings online

Daily training, task items turning in – all the fun starts and ends there for Stormsong.

TP grinding toon continued her adventures, being accidentaly killed. A most interesting thing, I have to admit: being killed by some group of 3 higher lvl monsters. Bye-bye, title, but anyway, who cares? I was having real fun with killing enemies in Barrows, using all accelerators I had.

At the end – I have 3000 Turbine points and remaining 3,5 gold are sent to DunedanMule, proud Mistress of “The Grumpy Kin”. After all, she will need all the gold 3 months later.

End of day: helped one kinnie to farm marks in Tuckoborough and Sambrog. We tried lvl.38, tier 2. We tried tier 3 at this level, but loot did not increase in quality. Once I forgot to set 38 and entered…lvl.100 tier 3. Result:first groyup of goblins nuked, then one goblin and one Lieutnant killed me. A pity. But it proves tier 3 at lvl.100 can be duoed.

And so another grey day in Lotro has ended.