Lord of the rings online

Stormsong turned in task items (these seem to be never-ending), did training in Dol Amroth. Then I had almost nothing to do.

The end of the day was a bit better. Helped one perosn with lvl.48 Sambrog. Then School. Then library. Tried to aid kinnie with evil spiders of Taradan barrow. We hunted, hunt was nice (I got a key!), but kinnie was disconnected. The helped another kinnie – he was hunting some low level status tomes, so we did Sambrog and Tuckoborough in turns.

Unfortunately, Sambrog was grumpy and greedy – no nice item ever showed up, only silver bounties. Well, at lvl. 30s I do not expect crystals to drop, but still some low level item could be an option.

And the day has ended.