Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: daily training in Dol Amroth; turning in task items; chating in World chat and Kin chat. Discussing how many Anfalas scrolls could I afford (still lack ~20 of them). Trolling a bit in World chat about “flourishing civilization of Mordor” that has art (statues in Angmar), heraldry (flags of White hand), military strategy, sports (warg riding). One person even took it for serious…

Asked if any low level player needed help: only one and the same wanted to be power-levelled. No, thanks, at any lvl you have quests, dailies, deeds.

TP grinder toon had fun, even in swamps near Staddle (sickle-fly slayer advanced – finished!). Now up to use deed/xp accelerators and finish everything. Then, sell anything, sent money to DunedanMule…and start another Tp grinder.

My life in Lotro so far seems to be dull. I almost have to-do list consisting of 2 things: task items and dailies. Then, I have nothing more to do. Random chats, random help (if any). Almost all deeds done. The only thing left is to make some killings to get Scholar materials.

Life in Lotro, grey (without 50 shades) and a bit boring.