Lord of the rings online

The Grumpy Kinship got a privilege of the Message of the Day. Well, now it sounds – “Long live the Great Leader!” (i.e. me). And my toon’s title is – Mistress. Yes. 50 shades of something… I have to wait for 3 months and then – hurray, Kinship house to store stuff. Already now every TP grinding toon sents money to DunedanMule. Some 5 more toons – and money for house is collected.

Stormsong meanwhile had some back luck and was nervous. Firtst, lootboxes, once again trash in them. Second – lvl.100 instances. The latest ones were really bad in terms of loot. Yes, I get “valuable” Li settings and gold. In one skirmish raid everyone got 7 scraps of gold and only I got 4. Then there were 3 crystals – of course, not for me. Then Pelagir run, some nice horse + essence. I got very highly valuable essence…one of incoming healing. One that no one buys for some 300 silver.

RNG is totally against me. Same old rule – “if there is something of any value, I won’t get it”. Sometimes I am succesfull in lower level instances: for example, did lvl.92 or lvl.50 one and got Relic removal scroll. And this situation really foils my life. RNG is bad enough for online game, bjut when it is programmed not to allow somebody to win, it is the worst thing ever. All that is left for me are Pelagir (only because of merit stars) and Sambrog (with one condition for lvl.100; and no stars of merit).

Meanwhile was helping some people: crafted weapon for one, ran some quests in Angmar with another, raided School-Library-Sambrog with third. Power-levelled another, but he disconnected and I had to go to sleep. Adviced returning player on crafting, thus feeling being someone experienced (well…NOT about virtues and essences, these are too confusing). I like to help people if I can, though started to avoid power-levelling: there are daily quests, there are deeds and no need to be power-levelled.

So my life in Lotro becomes just a routine of few actions: turn in reputation items – do Dol Amroth training – ask in world chat if any low level player needs help – if no one needs, log in TP grinding toon. Too little fun left, most things are just grey.

Not so optimistic weekend with Lotro, have to admit.


Saw pretty screenshots on mmorpg.com. Well, why noit re-join? Asked in mmorpg.com forums about pvp. Still no answer. Google search is not optimistic:almost totall pvp:open a rift, get to opposing fraction and go for a kill. Is this true?