Lord of the rings online

Stormsong; daily training in Dol Amroth, same Swan knights, same 7 golden tokens and some Swan knight tokens. Turning in task items to reach Kindred with Pelagir. Then – farming lower lvl areas for Scholar items. Vault is almost exploding, yet I have to grind.

At night – using all deed accelerators to finally end one deed. “Song of Aid” , a sadistic feature. If you are not yellow tree Minstrel – feel free to switch, reach the very end of this and then perform 400 times. Not to worry, cooldown is “only” 2 minutes and you can do maximum 40 songs per day. But finally this nightmare is finished.

Ran one Sambrog, lvl.50. Quite interestng run, no thoughts about Anfalas crystals: since they do not drop, I have nothing to care about. Less care, happier life.

DunedanMule created a new Kinship. It’s called “Grumpy Kin”. Now have to wait for some 3 months and purchase a Kin house to store stuff. It won’t be too hard: if every Tp grinding toon gives 3 gold, I need some 4 toons for house purchase. Then – 1 gold for month (once again, 1 toohn enough to provide funds for 3 months).

And so the day has ended – quite interesting in Lotro.